Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Number 1 FAQ My mortgage company is requesting proof of insurance. What should I do?

I need a Flood Insurance or Master Insurance Letter!

~ This is the most frequent question by far! Residents often need a Certificate of Flood Insurance or Master Insurance for their mortgage company.

~ Regretfully, this isn't something that the Property Manager can handle, but we will email the insurance company on your behalf.

~ You can fill out the online form Proof of Flood Insurance. This form will request all the information required and send you and the insurance company an email requesting the certificate. They in turn, will provide your mortgage company the required certificate.

Number 2 FAQ What should I do if I notice damage or repairs needed to the exterior of the building?

Calling in a request for a work order

~ Residents can call, email or fax the request. Our Property Manager just needs to know the nature of the issue.

~ Examples of work orders are roof leaks or a storm-related repair like missing siding or missing fascia. You can submit a work order by clicking on the Contact Us link or call and describe the nature of the issue. Our Property Manager will issue a work order and if needed, ask a contractor to call them directly.

~ If the item doesn't require contact with the owner, the repair will be scheduled and completed without disrupting the resident.

Number 3 FAQ what is the COA or Homeower responsible for repairing or maintaining?

Who owns what and who is responsible

~ Residents often assume that since they live in a condo, the Condominium Owners Association (COA) maintains EVERYTHING on the outside. This is far from true.

~ These answers can be found in the COA governing documents.

~ Unfortunately, the COA doesn't have the authority to maintain all of the exterior items on the building. We only have the authority to maintain COMMON ELEMENTS. These are "common" items on the exterior that many people benefit from and/or utilize, such as the landscaping, the walkways, the parking lot, the roof on the building, the siding that wraps the whole building, etc.

~ Other exterior items are LIMITED COMMON ELEMENTS or in many cases, may be items defined as part of the UNIT itself. The documents define plumbing pipes, electrical lines, HVAC equipment, ventilation ducts and other items that service only one unit, as part of the actual unit. The unit is to be maintained by the unit owner, therefore we cannot touch these items.

~ The COA governing documents describe the LIMITED COMMON ELEMENTS as being items that only one unit owner uses and/or benefits from. These items, such as a privacy fence, a deck, a shed, windows, doors, etc. may not be used by all owners. Only the unit owner who owns that property can use the deck there, the door there, the shed there, the fence there. Since only one person benefits, this is considered a limited common element in which that unit owner must maintain. The COA is NOT AUTHORIZED to repair these areas. If the owner is remiss in maintaining these items, then the COA can make repairs and bill it back to the owner.

Number 4 FAQ I have an emergency, what do I do now?

Emergency Calls - Personal or Property

~ Personal Emergency such as Fire, Police or Ambulance - Please call 911.

~ For Mariner's Quay property Emergency Calls such as a rook leak or any other emergency after hours, the COA Property Manager has an emergency answering service and one of our managers can always be reached by dialing 757-490-4471.

Number 5 FAQ Can you tell me my account balance?

Condominium account information

~ Did you know you can view your account balance in real time online? You must have your Mariners Quay account number to do this. The account number is located on your payment coupon booklet. It is a series of nine numbers beginning with "00".

~ To view your account online, visit Community Group click on the orange link entitled HOMEOWNERS, locate the second option on the page: Owner Login/ Pay with Credit Card or ECHECK (the Owner Login is the item of importance). Under that option, there is a blank box that says Association Name. Begin typing "Mariners Quay" and the Association name will populate. Choose it and select GO. A new page will load asking you to sign in with a user name and password. If this is your first time, click "Register" and input your account number. You will be prompted to create a user name and can view your account balance.

~ From this, you can access your account and view your balance 24/7.

Property Manager

Mariners Quay Property Management
Associa® Community Group
Property Mgr: Ms. Sharon Chittim
4534 Bonney Rd, Va Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 499-2200
Fax: (757) 499-5928
Email: Click Here

Board Meetings

Board meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month, on odd months.

2019 Board Meeting Schedule
   January 29 - 5:30pm
   January 29 (Annual Mtg) - 6:30pm
   March 26 - 5:30pm
   May 28 - 5:30pm
   July 30 - 5:30pm
   September 24 - 5:30pm
   November 26 - 5:30pm

Meetings are at the Riverwalk Clubhouse. All owners and/or renters are invited to attend, participate and speak. The first 15 minutes are set aside as an open forum. Please contact our Property Manager, Ms. Amber Moore, if you wish to speak so she may put your name and subject on the agenda. You may Click Here to use our online form to contact us.