July 2019 Regular Board Meeting

When: 5:30pm Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Where: River Walk Clubhouse, 701 River Walk Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Click on the Meeting Agenda for details.

This meeting begins at 5:30pm.

2017 FHA Recertified!

Mariner's Quay Condominums were RECERTIFIED by the FHA on December 12th, 2017!

Click Here to check FHA's site for our status!

On October 14th, 2017, the Mariner's Quay Board of Directors submitted a FHA recertification package. FHA recevied it on November 14th. We received notification that the package needed 3 additional items. Those were submitted November 28th and then we recevied word December 6th that we had to submit one more additional item. That was completed and submitted December 7th.

Background: On September 9, 2013, Mariner's Quay Condominiums received initial certification by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). All condos across the United States had to submit a NEW applicaiton to "reset" the certification process at this time. FHA requires recertification every two years.

Again, on September 11th, 2015 the Mariner's Quay Board of Directors submitted a FHA recertification package. FHA recevied and recertified Mariner's Quay Condominiums on October 22nd, 2015.

What does FHA Certification mean to me? In order to get an FHA loan on a condo, the complex must be an FHA approved condominium. FHA has strict requirements for owner occupancy, reserves, past due dues, etc. Unless the complex is FHA approved then you cannot get a FHA loan.

The FHA has a set of guidelines that lenders must follow if they wish to offer an FHA mortgage. FHA loans have smaller down-payment requirements and are even available for consumers with lower credit scores. In today's market, FHA loans are especially popular for people who want to make a smaller down payment.

If you're planning to get an FHA loan, Mariner's Quay is the place for you. Since our condos are FHA Approved, getting financing is relatively simple. Check with your mortgage loan officer for details.

Click Here to read our Press Release!

Thinking about New Windows or Doors?

Is it time to update your windows or doors? How about adding an awning? These changes and others REQUIRE homeowners to submit an Mariner's Quay Architectural Modification Request Form to the Board for consideration. If the Board approves your request, only then can you make the proposed changes within the rules of the condomimium association.

Once you complete the form either mail or email it to our property manager so it can be added to the agenda at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Violations of this process will result in a violation of the COA Rules and Regulations and the homeowner will go thru the violation hearing process. Failure to comply will result in fines, penalties and/or suspension of privileges. Pursuant to Article 12, Section 12.1 of the Declaration, the Board may, after written Notice to the Unit Owner and subsequent Hearing during a Board meeting, may assess a fee for any violation up to $10.00 per day from when the violation began until it is corrected.

Decks, Fences & Chippendale Rails

Homeowners are solely responsible for their decks, fences and Chippendale rails on their property. These must be maintained in a safe and constructionally sound manner. The homeowner is required to submit a Mariner's Quay Architectural Modification Request Form prior to any deviation from the approved materials and/or designs within Mariner's Quay.

There are local fence companies that have the expertise to assist with repair and replacements. Mariner's Quay does not endorse any specific company or handyman. You can check out the various materials and guidance for do-it-yourself online.

Paint Colors and Storm Doors

Did you know that there are only two colors approved for Mariner's Quay?

The exterior paint colors for your deck/fence and front door are available from Sherwin Williams Paint Company on Battlefield Boulevard, ph. 757-547-5552

    - The door paint color is "Stonewalk" #2103

    - The deck/fence paint color is "Passive" #7064

All color formulas are on file at Sherwin Williams under the cash account name "Mariner's Quay". Wanna save a few bucks? Check out the Sherwin Williams website for a coupon or Click Here for the most current one!

Also, there are only two Storm Doors approved for Mariner's Quay?

    - Home Depot "Andersen Series 3000" (36"x 80" White) (Right Hand Swing)

    - Home Depot "Andersen Series 3000" (36"x 80" White) (Left Hand Swing)

    - Anderson 3000 Full View (36" White)

How do you know if you have a "right" or "left" hand swinging door? Open the door and stand with your back to the hinges. If the door swing is on your left, it is a left-hand door. If the door swing is on your right, it is a righ-hand door.

Questions? You may Click Here to use our online form to contact us.

2015 Rules & Regulations

All owners and registered renters received a copy of the updated Rules & Regulations for Mariner's Quay Condominiums.

Click Here for the 2015 Rules & Regulations.

Mariner's Quay - Condo Information

Mariners Quay offers a total of 118 spacious 2 and 3 bedroom condos with one, two and three level floor plans located within the serene and private neighborhood of Riverwalk in Chesapeake, Virginia. Each unit has assigned private parking that is reserved 24/7. Mariner's Quay offers residents access to beautiful sunrises, shady summer trees, and many units have expansive water views!

Mariners Quay Condominium fee includes exterior building maintenace, insurance, grounds maintenance, access to the Riverwalk swimming pool, bathhouse, tennis courts, boat ramp, nature trails, footbridges, playground, and an on-site clubhouse. There is an additonal fee for the Riverwalk Association.

Property Manager

Mariners Quay Property Management
Associa® Community Group
Website: www.communitygroup.com
Property Mgr: Ms. Sharon Chittim
4534 Bonney Rd, Va Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 499-2200
Fax: (757) 499-5928
Email: Click Here

Board Meetings

Board meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month, on odd months.

2019 Board Meeting Schedule
   January 29 - 5:30pm
   January 29 (Annual Mtg) - 6:30pm
   March 26 - 5:30pm
   May 28 - 5:30pm
   July 30 - 5:30pm
   September 24 - 5:30pm
   November 26 - 5:30pm

Meetings are at the Riverwalk Clubhouse. All owners and/or renters are invited to attend, participate and speak. The first 15 minutes are set aside as an open forum. Please contact our Property Manager, Ms. Amber Moore, if you wish to speak so she may put your name and subject on the agenda. You may Click Here to use our online form to contact us.